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What is Rawa’ Program?

Rawa’ program is one of the educational programs at Mishkah, it achieves a high degree of conscious ideology for its affiliates, and supports faith based on a deep understanding to the message of the religion of Islam, after following the program’s plan that is based on a comprehensive study, that covers the concepts that the Muslim woman needs to have a balanced life and a healthy ideology.

Rawa’ program was founded in 2019, by doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud, believing that knowledge is the bases of religious and ideological consciousness, to make a godly human, and a true Muslim woman, a conscious mother and a skilled advocate.

To reach these high goals doctor Kefah put a plan, that includes regular syllabus reading and an accurate understanding of religious concepts, and knowing the path to God, and that is through reading the books given in this plan, and participating in a series of valuable lectures that doctor Kefah will give.

The duration of the program is five years, and it’s a program for females over 18 years of age, they can register to the program to gain the maximum benefits of the books and the valuable lectures, to reach a balanced Muslim self, under the supervision of a huge team, that guarantees the affiliates commitment to the course, and communicate with all parties using the WhatsApp.

What are the requirements to register in Rawa’ program?

  1. Females above the age of 18.
  2. Being respectful and elegant in interactions with Mishkah’s staff and Mishkah’s affiliates.
  3. Serious commitment to the methodology of Mishkah.
  4. The desire to develop one’s self religiously and ideologically, and the desire to have a positive effect on the community.

How does Rawa’ team contact the program affiliates?

Social media platforms are used including: WhatsApp and Facebook, to make it easier for the supervisors from team Rawa’ to contact the program’s affiliates in the following procedure:

  • showing the required material, the assignments and performing weekly discussions on a WhatsApp main group
  • supervising the progress made by each affiliate by specialized supervisors using a secondary WhatsApp group
  • hosting specialists in the discussed topics in Rawa’ syllabus in a closed Facebook group

How can Rawa’ program affiliates achieve the highest level of benefit?

They can achieve that by committing to the program’s plan, through the following:

  1. Reading ten to fifteen pages from the curriculum books on daily basis
  2. Sharing quotes from what they have read, in the weekly conversations
  3. Attending the monthly meeting about the books they read and participating in them
  4. Listening to the weekly lectures, and doing the recommended worship assignments
  5. Putting effort to gain the values discussed in the weekly lectures
  6. Participating in the enriching activities, such as attending the specialists’ lectures
  7. Reading articles, and watching the videos that talks about realistic cases 


To find out the time and knowledge plan for Rawa’ Program, click on the following address:

The time frame and syllabus of Rawa’ Program


To find out the achievements of the Rawa’ Program so far, click on the following address:

Rawa’ Programs' achievements

أهداف المشروع

To build a systematic reading that allows for creating the correct role to build a civilized role

To raise the level of thinking, and discard negative qualities that effect behaviour

To strengthen the concept of ideological knowledge, and religious values

مدونة مشكاة

A comparison between the reality of education in the Arab World as a whole, and the reality of education in the occupying country, whose area does not exceed half of a Scandinavian country

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