iikhadh Education Consultancy|Overview

What are the Mishkah programs that the foundation offers?

The foundation offers a variety of programs, each has its own goals, knowledge curriculums and time frame. Mishkah programs are:

  1. Rawa’ program
  2. Nibras program
  3. Fasel AlKhetab program
  4. Qnadeel AlTufolah Program

What are the achievements of Mishkah programs?

Mishkah programs with the support of its founder Dr. Kefah Abu Hannoud and the support teams, have made achievements that include:

  1. Turning Mishkah from an educational activity targeting university female students, to an official registered educational training foundation.
  2. Expanding the scope of Mishkah programs to target a wider range of age groups, and establishing multiple projects covering the needs of children, the youth and adults, through its main three programs:
  • Rawa’ program for adults, that has attracted 10703 members in its first three levels
  • Nibras program for the youth, that has attracted 575 members so far
  • Qnadeel Al Tufolah program, still under preparation
  1. Launching qualifying training courses program Siraj.
  2. Introducing family counselling and guidance service, free of charge for Mishkah programs affiliates.
  3. Launching the media program Fasel Al Khetab, for the purpose of islamic rooting of many important controversial topics.
  4. Developing the work operating system in all of Mishkah programs, and rebuilding the organizational structure of the staff in the project, almost 500 members of staff distributed on all management levels.
  5. Establishing specialized work teams that operate centrally, supporting all programs, including:
  • Data team
  • Design team
  • Media team
  • Content management team
  • Motivation team
  • magazine team
  • Proofreading team
  • Website administration team
  • Legal team
  • Quality and development team
  • Archive team
  • Activity team
  1. Starting a qualifying program for the management team named Mrafe’ , that offered 6 training sessions in leading subjects.
  2. Holding specialized courses for the staff, improving and increasing efficiency, such as digital media qualification course and Proofreading and format course.