Family Consultation Services

What is the family consultation services project?

It’s an educational project, specialized in family consultations and the cases a mother faces with her family, as a specialized team studies the consultation and offers appropriate solutions to those requesting, according to religious rules and the teachings of Islamic doctrine.

What is the motto of the family consultation department?

When you build a mother with a healthy mentality you will build a family and a community that rejects all that harmful.

The family consultation department’s vision

For all mishkah affiliates to find a safe place where they can seek consultation, coming from the values and the principles of Islam, away from destructive consultation.

The message of family consultation department

Building the female from pre-marriage stage to raising children stage, a moral, educational and knowledgeable build, based on the idea of human succession on earth,

and the responsibility assigned to us, to raise an aware generation that believes in God and serves his nation.

What are the goals of the family consultation services project?

1. To provide a trusted reference on religious bases, that mothers can seek when they are in need of experienced knowledgeable consultation on family matters.

2. To support the mental health of mothers, so that they can perform the correct mother role in the family.

3. To qualify mothers and help them understand and apply the correct methods, to raise an aware generation able to solve the problems they face.

4. To provide the knowledge that a wife needs to understand the basics of the relationship in a marriage, how to interact with her husband, to avoid disagreements.

How does family consultation services operate?

1. A specialized team was founded, with confidence and scientific knowledge and a religious reference, to work on receiving family consultation requests.

2. The team receives the requests and classifies them according to the speciality, and send them to the proper team to answer all questions and provide a complete consultation.

3. The answers of the specialized team are sent to the consultation requester.

4. All consultations are archived with the answers, to share that type of family problems and how to solve them if they were repeated and was turning into a social phenomenon, while protecting privacy and complete secrecy.

5. Giving lectures to discuss the main and most common family issues, and how to deal with them, to spread benefit.

6. Utter and complete privacy is the foundation on which the teams operate in family consultation department with Mishkah program affiliates.