iikhadh Education Consultancy/ Overview| Core Values

What is the foundation’s vision?

To be an international foundation, active and effective, to provide the educational guide in human upbringing, the correct educational cultural ideological practical methodology, to form a balanced Islamic mentality, that is built on the foundation of conscious knowledge, for the development and awakening of societies.

What is the foundation’s message?

To introduce comprehensive balanced knowledge to individuals, and form a clear path for self-development and the development of communities based on character building doctrine from the Holy Quran.

What are the foundation’s values?

 A group of religious, moral, scientific values that Mishkah believes in, and its members agree upon, including:

  1. Brotherhood
  2. Clarity
  3. Goodwill towards other
  4. Being respectful in interactions with others
  5. Respecting other’s point of view
  6. Moderation
  7. equality