About iikhadh Education Consultancy Company

iikhadh Education Consultancy Company is a voluntary project founded in 2019 by Dr. Kefah Abu Hannoud, aiming to build an aware active believer, a good member in his family, community and nation.
The foundation offers Mishkah programs, a variety of programs to each it’s goals, knowledge curriculums and time frame. Mishkah programs has 11510 members with 700 volunteering workers in management, 12 specialized teams working centrally, to assist and support the programs.

Why were Mishkah programs founded?

From here the story began, the question was: how to find a way out of being lost? How does chaos find a place to live in our minds?
These are some of the questions the generation has? And for them Mishkah was born, at its core we established the obligation to READ.
In Mishkah we built a conscious mind and through reading we took in understanding, line followed by a line.
In the space of conversation, we weaved a fabric of vision tying its knots, knot by knot.
We started with a small number of participants, and here we are today seven thousand and more, feasting from the knowledge of character building from the Quran, following religiosity with vision and leaving blindness behind.
Our hands reaching out for book after book, as if minds were structures, we built them tile by tile.
We were growing, and through weekly lectures we tasted the nectar of learning, made a moral compass and we learned how set priorities.
With an ambitious vision we have decided to create a high-quality professional work environment, turning Mishkah programs into a bee hive with hardworking teams that keep giving,; Design team, Data team, Quality and Development team, Archive team, Media team, Proofreading team, Magazine team, Motivation team and Content Management team.

Organizational Chart-Mishkah

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