Mishkah Program - Fasel AlKhetab Program

What is Fasel Al Khetab (Clarity of speech) program?

Fasel Al Khetab program is a series of recorded videos of Doctor Naser Sabra, each episode of which aims to make progress towards ideological rooting, trying to cover the distance between initiating awareness and the end of being lost, each of his episodes has its own different title and subject, Doctor Naser explains the concept of the reference, the disagreements between religious scholars and the dangers of prohibiting what is halal and allowing what is forbidden, and identifies cold piousness, answering questions such as: who renews our religion? Who can speak for God and give verdicts? What is the meaning of “ask your heart for fatwa”? And explains the story of Sahih Al-Bukhari book.

Fasel Al Khetab is considered to be the first program to build identity, and the characteristics of the balanced Muslim mind.

What are the goals of Fasel Al Khetab series?

  1. Ideological and intellectual rooting of general religious concepts on which many important opinions and positions are built, on a personal level and for the community.
  2. Solidifying the concepts that unite the nation
  3. Showing and explaining the reasons of unity and separation.


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