The Founder | Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud

Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud founded iikhadh education consultancy in 2019, she holds a bachlor’s degree in Sharia from The University of Jordan, and has a doctorate in interpretation of Quran ( التفسير ) from the international islamic university Malaysia.

What are the achievements and expertise of the founder?

Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud has many expertise in the field of education, and she has published books and research papers.

Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud expertise in the field of education:

  • Assistant Professor in Sharia collage in Applied Science Private University in Jordan 2020 until present time.
  • Assistant Professor in Kutahya Dumlupinar University in Turkey جامعة دوملوبينار كوتاهيا in the year 2019.
  • Assistant Professor in Umm Al-Qura University Al-Qunfudah Campus, in Islamic studies department in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2011-2018 .
  • Head of Islamic studies department n Umm Al-Qura University Al-Qunfudah Campus, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012.
  • Research Assistant in the international islamic university Malaysia, february 2010 – 2011.
  • Lecturer in religious courses in the United States of America in cooperation with the Islamic American University 2005-2007.

Community service done by doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud:

  • founded and managed the voluntary initiative Siraj, for conscious reading.
  • founded and managed Mishkah program, to build Quranic values.
  • a writer in the literary and educational field.
  • an activist on social media platforms, and interested in educational guidance.

Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud’s Books and research papers:

  • Book (نحو المعالي) Nahoa Al-Ma'ali / writer and participent, published by Dar Al-Oloom دار العلوم in Amman Jordan 2008.
  • Book (التوظيف الحداثي لآيات المرأة) Al-Tawtheif AlHadathy La’yat AlMara'h , published by Dar Al-Farouq in Amman Jordan 2011.
  • Book (فقه بناء الإنسان في القرآن) Fiqh Bena’ AlEnsan fe AlQuran, published by Aseer Alkotb (Book Juice) Library in Egypt 2020.
  • Book (رسالة السورة القرآنية سورة الكهف نموذجا) Resalat Alsoura Alqurania – Sourat Alkahf Namothajan, in printing.
  • Book (قيم القرآن ومفاهيمه) Qiam AlQuran wa Mafahiemoh, in printing.
  • Book (رمضان في صحبة الأسماء الحسنى) Ramadan fe Sohbat Alasma’ Alhusna, in the final steps of being writen.
  • Research (التفسير التحليلي- آيات الحج نموذجاً) Altafseer Altahlili – A'yat Alhaj Namothajan, in cooperation with doctor Safiah Shams-Aldine in the International Islamic University Malaysia.

A Message from the Founder

Doctor Kefah Abu Hannoud’s message to Mishkah affiliates:

Because we believe in building the human with Quranic methodology that is flawless and impeccable, and because we believe that human character building in the Quran was a divine recipe that created the man of the great Islamic civilization, and because we believe that man is the real material of change throughout history, we created Mishkah.

Welcome to Mishkah programs that aims to follow the guidance of the Quran in building people carrying their faith and spreading concepts of consciousness, creating the vision of the nation and are mercy to all of mankind.

The Founder