Signing of Accreditation Agreement for Rewaq Al-Ma’rifah Institute Programme 

This Agreement is made and entered into as of this 27th day of November 2022, by and between Rewaq Al-Ma’rifah Institute (First Party) and Applied Science Private University (Second Party) to accredit the Diploma in Revelation Knowledge Programme offered by Rewaq Al-Ma’rifah Institute.

This Agreement has been signed by the representative of the two Parties, Dr. Nasser Al-Kiswani, Director of Rewaq Al-Ma’rifah Institute and Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Bashiti, President of Applied Science Private University.


شعار جامعة العلوم التطبيقية الخاصة


You want to walk but you can't find the path ! In this time when it's hard to identify right from wrong .. the path of stability comes from the door of knowledge, let's walk the first steps together in Mishkah programs.

What is Nibras program? Nibras is one of the programs offered by Mishkah, it’s a specialized program

What is Rawa’ Program? Rawa’ program is one of the educational programs at Mishkah, it achieves a

Rewaq Al Ma’rifah Institute

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It’s an interactive online training program, that qualifies you to earn a diploma in revelation knowledge, and a visionary knowledge and culture equal to that held by diploma graduates in Islamic studies from the scientific prestigious institutes in the Arab world and outside it.

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Fasel Al Khetab program is a series of recorded videos of Doctor Naser Sabra, each episode of which aims to make progress towards ideological rooting, trying to cover the distance

Album of the latest videos and photos of Rawa' program, which aims to achieve a high degree of intellectual awareness for its affiliates, and strength their faith through a deep understanding of the message of Islam.

Album of videos and photos of Nibras program. The motto of the program is: preparing reasonable, distinguished and influential person to be a beacon for mankind.

مدونة مشكاة

A comparison between the reality of education in the Arab World as a whole, and the reality of education in the occupying country, whose area does not exceed half of a Scandinavian country